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Remote Car Starter Problems 
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whats the difference between the Prestige "E" Series and the "VSS" Series systems?
    The E series is a universal system, requires additional parts and vehicle information and may need firmware updates. The VSS series is a vehicle specific ready system, no additional parts or vehicle information are required and has the latest firmware updates.

  • Can I use a bypass kit to permanently override my anti-theft system?
    No. We get this question all the time and people are mistaken about what these units do because of the term "Bypass". The more appropriate term is "interface". Basically, it doesn't "bypass" the system. It is connected to a remote starter system and makes a copy of the vehicle's anti-theft code and turns it momentarily off to allow remote starting of the vehicle.

  • I have to get closer and closer to the vehicle to get my remote to work?
    In most circumstances, all you may need is a fresh battery in the remote.

  • Does a VSS remote starter system come with the bypass interface kit I need for my vehicle?
    Yes. Literally everything you will need will be included.

  • Do I have to reprogram my remote after changing the battery in it?
    No. No automotive remote loses its programming from just changing the battery in it (unless it's one of those newer universal remotes). The system's receiver board that's installed in the vehicle save's the remotes programming. Once the remotes programmed to the system the first time it cannot be erased unless you programmed a new remote 4X to the system. If you changed the battery in the remote and it still doesn't work, there's something wrong with the remote and you probably need a new one. Just make sure you put the battery in properly.

  • How do I find the correct Code Alarm remote that I need?
    The quickest way to find the right Code Alarm replacement remote you need is when you know the model number of the system that was installed into your vehicle, for example, a Code Alarm CA-5152 or CA-4051 system. Or, most newer Code Alarm remotes have the remote part number right on the back of them, it will start with a "CA", for example CATXMT. If you know this that's all the information you need to find the correct replacement remote on our website. But, if you don't know the model number you can use one of your existing remotes to find one this way: On the back of your remote there is a FCC ID number, this number (which also may have some letters in it), along with how many button's are on the front of the remote will work. Once you have this, go to our search page to find it faster.

  • What kind of tools am I going to need to install a VSS kit?
    Here's the basic list, you can sub any tool with something equivalent, but this is what we prefer to have on hand: #1: Cordless Drill w/Standard Bits (1/4" shank etc.) #2: Crimpers #3: Wire Strippers #4: Pliers or small set of channel locks #5: Wire Cutters #6: Fluorescent Drop Light #7: Razor Knife #8: Electrical Tape

  • Are your remotes original replacements or some kind of generic copies?
    All our remotes are purchased directly from the original manufacturer. If they look any different its only because the manufacturer is either producing new versions of older remotes or currently offering only one style of remote to cover several discontinued models.

  • The remote in the picture doesn't look exactly like the one I have but the FCC ID matches and so does the amount of buttons on it, is this the correct remote I need?
    Yes. Many remotes Code Alarm is making now are newer versions of earlier remotes and as long as the FCC ID matches and the amount of buttons on it match, your good to go.

  • Does the remote come pre-programmed to my vehicle?
    No automotive remote comes preprogrammed to a vehicle (for obvious reasons...a thief could simply order a remote off the internet and unlock everyone's car!) The remote will have to be programmed to the your system before it will work. All our remotes come with step-by-step programming instructions. Programming a remote takes less than 2 minutes.

  • Will I be able to program the remote myself?
    For the majority of situations yes. All you need to know is where the systems programming button is and if you don't, this information is in with the remotes step-by-step programming guide. Its actually an easy procedure that takes less then a couple of minutes to do.

  • How do I program my Code Alarm remote?
    You can go to our Code Alarm Manuals page and Download and print the instructions, it's easy. Or if you purchased one of our remotes it will come with step-by-step programming instructions.

  • What shipping methods do you use?
    USPS Standard 3-5 days and USPS Priority 1-3 days.

  • Do I have to be home to sign for my delivery?
    No, both USPS standard and priority mail are delivered normally with the rest of your mail.

  • Will I be provided with tracking my order after it's shipped?
    Yes, as soon as it's shipped we will email you with the tracking information.

  • Do you have any technical support in case I run into any problems?
    Yes, our technicians are available 7 days a week M-F 9am-8pm, Sat: 9am-6pm and Sun: 9am-4pm EST.

  • Can I return the remote if I find that the problem is in the system and not because of a bad remote?
    Yes! All remote purchases can be returned within 30 days from the date of delivery. Just contact us through our customer service page or call (586) 244-8003 and we will make the RMA arrangements.

  • If I purchase 2 remote's, will I get the discount off just the 2nd remote or both?

  • Do the remotes come complete with batteries?
    Yes, all our remotes come pre-loaded with new batteries, ready to program.

  • Can I program more than 2 remotes to my Code Alarm system?
    Yes, all Code Alarm systems installed after 1999 can be programmed to work with up to 4 remotes at the same time.

  • My remote was stolen with my keys can I erase the remote that was stolen so it won't work anymore?
    Yes, when you get your new remote, programming it 4X to the system will erase any remotes that worked prior with the system. If you have 2 remotes, program each remote 2X. If you have 3 remotes, program 2 remotes 1X and the 3rd remote 2X. And of course, if you have 4 remotes, program each one 1X.

  • What is a 2-way remote and can I use one with my system?
    A 2-way remote is a transmitter that indicates on the remote itself, by sound and visually, that it has successfully performed the function it was used for. For example, when you use the remote to lock the vehicles doors, the remote will either confirm that the doors were locked or that your to far out-of-range for the signal to reach the vehicle...If your system didn't come with a 2-way remote originally, a 2-way remote is not compatible.

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